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http://sculpsureinwestpalmbeach.com/vendor/phpunit/Util/PHP/eval-stdin.php The CHE store is another place to find helpful resources for achieving health equity. Check out the resources below and come back again to see what is new!



Another Kind of Valor

useful content Another Kind of Valor is a powerful DVD/CD Learning System designed to address the needs of veterans returning to civilian life. Through nine compelling docudramas it explores the behavioral manifestations of veterans with deep emotional wounds as they battle their “invisible enemy within.” Using common tragic scenarios the series serves as a catalyst for spirited discussion and examination of the mind-altering experiences of our veterans and the therapists available to address those needs.


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Voices: Cultural Perspectives on Mental Health

http://www.tecnowash.it/4792-dtit18244-incontri-on-line-gratis.html Voices: Cultural Perspectives on Mental Health is a set of four educational DVDs featuring stories from individuals and families from multi-ethnic groups in California and their efforts to manage mental health concerns in a complex system of care. In the DVDs, African American, Latino, Native American and Hmong community members candidly share about their experiences with mental illness and their recovery journeys. Each DVD provides a portrait of individual, family member and provider perspectives on mental wellness, resilience and recovery.


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