Ethnic Health Assessment for African Americans in California

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https://art-constructions.com/569-dtgf87519-rencontre-gay-saint-tropez.html This report contains a wealth of information and resources for anyone advocating for the positive health outcomes for the African American community in California. It was funded by the California Endowment as part of the Ethnic Health Assessment Project, which elicited reports on Latinos, African Americans, Asian-Pacific Islanders, and Native Americans, the four largest communities of color in the state. Stakeholders were queried as part of the process in order to  represent real-life experience from a variety of perspectives.
The report includes these sections:

http://www.novagas.eu/3549-dtit83646-voglio-conoscere-una-ragazza-single.html California’s African Americans: A Demographic and Socio-Political Profile

  • The African American Migration to California
  • Social Determinants: African American Communities and their Health Care Infrastructure
  • African Americans: Social Capital and Health
  • African American’s Concentration in Poor Communities

Key Health Concerns Facing California’s African Americans: Problems, Priorities, and Progress Assessments African Americans Health Status

  • Stress as a Risk Factor
  • Behavioral Risk Factors
  • Health Care Services System Risk Factors

Tracking African American Health Improvement: Key Indicators and Related Policy Agenda

  • Key Indicator #1: Health Insurance Coverage
  • Key Indicator #2: Personal Practitioner (Non-Hospital) Usual Source of Care
  • Key Indicator #3: Low birth-weight
  • Key Indicator #4: Psychiatric/Behavioral Health Related Emergency Room Visits
  • Key Indicator #5: Preventable Hospitalizations from Hypertension
  • Key Indicator #6: Preventable Hospitalizations from Diabetes

African American Health Professional Workforce

Policy Research Agenda

  • Research Agenda Issue 1: Assess Communities Where African Americans are Significantly Located and Assess their Environmental Risk Factors and Social Capital Resources
  • Research Agenda Issue 2: Determine the Economic Burden of Poor Health on California’s African American Communities
  • Research Agenda Issue 3: Document the Impact of Shrinking Safety Net Programs for African Americans
  • Research Agenda Issue 4: Project and Document the Impact of Health Care Reform on Key African American Indicators

Conclusion and Policy Recommendations

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