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Champion of Foster Youth Seeks Equity

At the website whitehouse.gov, George White, currently being honored as a Champion of Change for Foster Care, writes about creating a better, more equitable system for children. He says his experience of a loving foster family gave him the tools to succeed, but that too often, he sees a system that fails foster children through its lack of supports for those who age out of the system.

Using the experience of his brother, who was forced out of his foster home, White launched a campaign called “All I did was turn 18.” Those involved in the project took pictures of the places foster youth slept after being abandoned by the system. White also rode his bicycle 1,149 miles to bring attention to the foster youth who were expected become homeless that year in California.

Read more about his views and experiences by clicking HERE.


Legislative Focus: California Pan Ethnic Health Network

The California Pan Ethnic Health Network provides advocacy and leadership to the fight for health equity. Efforts focus on the areas of access to coverage, cultural and linguistic competency being integrated into care, social and environmental conditions that promote health for communities of color, and comprehensive reform of disparities through health institutions.

One area in which CPEHN provides leadership is in the area of legislation. CPEHN’s priority bills for the 2015 legislative session are identified on their agency website. They include:

  • buy strattera SB 388 – Translating the Summary of Benefits of Coverage
    Requires a health insurance plan’s summary of benefits and coverage (SBC) to be translated into non-English languages consistent with California’s existing language access requirements for other vital documents and would require the Department of Managed Health Care and the Department of Insurance to make available translated templates of the SBC on their websites.
  • over here AB 389 – Hospital Language Assistance Policies
    Directs hospitals to post language assistance policies for Limited English Proficient individuals online and requires the California Department of Public Health and the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development to post this information on their websites as well.
  • http://laubenheimers.com/44980-dte53565-backpage-women-dating-chicago.html SB 137 – Provider Directories
    Creates standards for provider directories and requires regular updates so directories are accurate and people know what doctors and hospitals are in their network when they shop for coverage or when they seek care.
  • why do i fail so hard with dating sites and apps SB4 – Health for All
    Expands access to health care coverage to all Californians, regardless of immigration status.
  • AB1073 – Translating Prescription Drug Labels
    This bill would require the use of translated prescription drug labels.
  • AB1357 – Children and Family Health Promotion Program

This bill would create a dedicated revenue source to support chronic disease prevention in California communities most impacted by diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stroke, and tooth decay by placing a 2-cent-per-ounce health impact fee on the distribution of drinks manufactured with added caloric sweetener.

  • SB 203 – Soda Warning Label
    This bill would create a warning label for sugar-sweetened beverages.

To read more, click HERE.


Latino Community Mental Health Fact Sheet

For a concise listing of many of the mental health issues confronting the Latino Community, check out the Info Sheet posted on the NAMI website.

Some of the issues discussed are the high levels of risk to the Latino Community in the areas of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. The higher level of attempted suicide among female Latino students is also discussed. Lack of access to treatment as a result of language barriers and discrimination are also highlighted, as well as a scarcity of Latino providers.

To download a pdf of the Info Sheet, click HERE.