About CHE

http://sazutech.com/wp-content/themes/curvo/style.css California Health Equity (CHE) is a resource center that supports efforts to improve the health of California’s diverse communities. The CHE resource center is produced by the Center for Multicultural Development (CMD) at the California Institute for Mental Health.

Underlying Principles for CHE Resource Center

http://go2uvm.org/index.php We focus on the full continuum of care, from health promotion and prevention, to treatment and recovery approaches to achieving better health.

geek gay rencontre We promote a whole health approach, understanding that behavioral health is an integral part of overall health and well-being.

http://www.pa-scal.it/354-dtit39012-bakeca-incontri-castellana.html We advocate taking into consideration culture and the use of culturally-appropriate strategies to help improve health outcomes. 

We recognize the need to address social factors and conditions, known as the social determinants of health, to reduce health disparities.

We value bringing people together with different types of experience, efforts, and expertise for the mutual benefit by working together toward a common goal.