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California Health Equity (CHE) is a resource center that supports efforts to improve the health of California’s diverse communities. Read More…

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CDC Quarterly eNewsletter

The Center for Disease Control is offering a quarterly electronic newsletter Health Equity Matters, an electronic newsletter intended to promote awareness of minority health and health equity issues that affect our work at CDC and in the broader public health community, support the achievement of our goal to eliminate health disparities, and foster ongoing communication and collaboration.

OHE – CA’s Statewide Plan to Promote Health Equity – Webinar Recording

The California Department of Public Health Office of Health Equity is responsible for creating strategic plans regarding specific issues affecting vulnerable communities. In this role, convened an interactive webinar that outlined the strategic plan currently in development, and invited comments and suggestions from stakeholders.  The video recording of this webinar can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Language Barriers Pose Serious Health Consequences

More than a million people may not be able to read their Medi-Cal renewal forms and the results can include loss of coverage according to an article on healthycal.org. Hannah Guzik writes that a recent article in Health Report claims the state’s annual Medi-Cal renewal forms are so complicated that they may cause tens of thousands of people to loseRead More…

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The Invisible Man – Black Men Left Behind

“He is missing from the health care system. He is less likely to hold a job that provides health insurance. Otherwise, he is underinsured. Despite chronic poverty that cries out for relief, he often slips through the cracks of a frayed social safety net. Medicaid, focused on pregnant women and children, rarely includes him. He bears a disparate burden ofRead More…